Leco natural cosmetics are inspired by the scents and colors of medicinal herbs that grow throughout our beautiful Dalmatia. This natural treasure represents a rich source of health and the essence of our natural cosmetics.

What particularly delights us with medicinal herbs is the way in which it only takes care of itself, grows in impossible conditions, resists natural forces, and yet looks so fragile and tender. It is these characteristics that make our natural cosmetics special – our products provide strong protection against external influences, while gently nurturing it and food.


The development path from the idea of a new product to the user is long and complex. However, regardless of the type of product, we at The Leco always apply the same high quality standards. Therefore, to ensure the highest level of quality, we hand-manufacture products in small quantities. In this way we create high-efficiency formulas from fresh ingredients in their most powerful state, without harmful ingredients.

Our natural cosmetics do not contain synthetic preservatives, and have a shorter shelf life, so it is very important that a freshly prepared product reaches the end consumer so that it can be used for as long as possible. Moreover, in our cosmetics we do not use synthetic raw materials at all, such as synthetic fragrances, petroleum products, synthetic preservatives and silicones, but only natural ingredients that very often provide the same effects if not better than some known synthetic products.

Products of natural cosmetics